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pHydrion PH Paper 4.5 - 7.5
Provides approximately 100 tests!

<strong>pHydrion PH Paper 4.5 - 7.5</strong><br><i>Provides approximately 100 tests!</i>

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Chiropractor's Blend pHydrion pH test paper.

Our Hydrion pH Paper with a range of 4.5-7.5 has pH color matches at each .5 pH units. This Hydrion product, commonly requested to test urine and saliva has excellent color separations in the acid and neutral pH7 ranges. To use this product simply tear off a small strip of pH paper and dip into test solution.
Compare the instantaneous color change with the matching pH color chart. Unlike many pH plastic strips there is only one simple color to match. Each Chiropractor's Blend pHydrion pH test paper roll provides the user with approximately 100 tests.

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